100% Biker Magazine (Issue 183)

News item on the build up to the very first Twisted Iron Happening

100% Biker Magazine (Issue 202)

(Dec 2016) 4-page feature on the The Happening 2015

twisted iron... read all about it...


100% Biker Magazine (Issue 184)

100% Biker Magazine (Issue 189)

Feature on one of our first sponsors 'Jack Lilley Triumph' and the bikes they were bringing to the first Happening
in 2015.

Intro page which highlights the feature on The Happening 2014. Photo of Debbie Nami, winner of the Mob Rule Skittle trophy.

built Magazine (Issue 01)

(Feb 2016) Twisted Iron's 2015 Mob Rule trophy gets a mention in the inaugral issue of the magazine for handcrafted motorcycles – 'built'. The trophy this year was a brand new Jet helmet donated by DAVIDA, hand-painted by the talented Beverly Cort from Twisted Iron, and finished and laquered by DAVIDA.
(Won by Chris Stirrup and his Buell).

100% Biker Magazine (Issue 202)

Back Street Heroes Magazine

Short news feature on The Happening 2015

Triumph & Twisted Iron at the NEC

(Dec 2015) A small token of our appreciation presented to Rick Cawley (Regional Director Europe – Sales & Marketing) at Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. at the NEC in thanks for the support given to us in 2015

American-V Magazine (Issue 178)

(Feb/March 2016) 4-page feature on The Happening 2015

100% Biker Magazine (Issue 211)

News feature on The Happening 2016

100% Biker Magazine

Advert for Twisted Turnout

100% Biker Magazine (Issue 191)

3-page feature on the The Oxford Distinguished Gentleman's Ride, September 2014

100% Biker Magazine (Issue 197)

Full page advert for The Happening 2015, plus a short article on the 2015 event.

News feature on Twisted Iron's support for the Moonshine Racing Team at Dirtquake 2016

100% Biker Magazine (Issue 201)

100% Biker Magazine (Issue 189)

3-page feature on the The Happening 2014

2016 London Press Launch of the new Triumph Bonneville Bobber

Russell presents a unique copy of 'The Happening 2016' photobook, to Ruth Speller and her colleagues at Triumph Motorcycles as a thank you for their continued support of Twisted Iron.

4-page feature on The Happening 2016

100% Biker Magazine (Issue 215)

3-page feature on The 'Triumph Special' Twisted Turnout in November 2016.

100% Biker Magazine (Issue 217)

100% Biker Magazine (Issue 219)

4-page feature on The Oxford Distinguished Gentlemans Ride, September 2016.

100% Biker Magazine (Issue 219)

News Item on the 4-Hour Custom Build at the 
Twisted Turnout on Sunday 19th March 2017