pre-register your build for the happening bike show

31st August – 2nd September 2018
Mill Lane, Chalgrove. Oxon. OX44 7SL

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Anyone who has an album of their build on the Twisted Iron Facebook page can apply to pre-register their bike by Monday 10th August 2018. Accepted pre-registered bikes will need to pay £5 and then will be issued with an entry number and entry for the owner of the Show Bike, any additional guests would need to buy a ticket. Bikes that arrive by car with trailer or van will need to pay another £5 for parking.


If you don't have a build album of your bike on the page and would like to apply to pre-register, you would need to provide photos of your bike/bike build and have them accepted as content for an album on our Facebook page prior to the pre-registration cut off date.

Send us a message in the contact box above and we'll get back to you with further details...


If you find one of our VIP Invites on your bike at a show or out and about, you are one of the lucky few that we have invited this year. However, you still need to pre-register with us so that we can issue you with an entry number and reserve you a space in our Show Marquee, but your registration is FREE. VIP Invite holders would still need to pay parking of £5 if bringing their bike on a trailer or in a van.
 Fill in your details in the contact box above, and we'll get back to you asap.


The new site is a field, with no obvious landmarks nearby. So these directions
will get you to Berrick Road in Chalgrove.


Proceed along Berrick Road and turn right into Mill Lane, proceed for a few hundred yards,
the site is on your left and will be signposted along Mill Lane and Berrick Road.