if you're building a motorcycle in your shed... you're gonna love this!


Are you spending every spare minute in your shed or garage building your dream motorcycle? Unique, hand built, modified, this page is for those of us who have a vision of what they want to ride and then go and build it. A community that showcases your 
builds, or where you can find inspiration for the bikes you wish you could build!

Take a look around the site, visit our lively Facebook community with over 12,000 members and come to our events, The Happening or a Twisted Turnout we'd love to meet you...

The Happening

The builds were fantastic, proper bike builders show. It's kinda unique in that most rallies are a Rally with a bike show, this one is a bike show first, It's all about the bikes. The trophies aren't Best Chop etc, they are Best Styling, Best Engineering etc. which means any bike can win any category! Should have also said that the Trophies are the best anywhere. Stunning.
Tim Donnelly

"Can't thank you guys enough for putting on this event. It's not just a rally. It's not just a show. It's a haven for creative, independent thinkers, ranging from the mildly eccentric to the clinically insane."
Ricky Barnes

'The Happening 2017 Video courtesy of 'On Yer Bike'


Weʼre raising £2,500 to Help towards the costs
of putting on The Happening for the 5th year.

31st Aug - 1st Sept 2018


We started out wanting to put on a unique homebuilt Custom Motorcycle show (with a great party) that was different from the usual rally scene and gave a showcase to the numerous talented bike builders out there. This was a non-profit organisation and anything left at the end was given to charity, mainly the Air Ambulance. We had some very generous sponsors over the years who agreed with our ethos and helped us greatly. But in our fifth year we are struggling for money to put this event on and we would really like to do the fifth show, even if it turns out to be our last. You really have to be at The Happening to appreciate it, possibly the best bike event in the world...

You can find our page below and any donation would be appreciated, thank you.

The Happening Crowd Funding Page

The Happening 2017-214
The Happening 2017-214

The Happening 2017-212
The Happening 2017-212


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The Happening 2017-214
The Happening 2017-214

Big Welcome to our New 'Happening' Sponsors

Massive thanks to our new main Sponsors of
The Happening 'This Is Your Garage' who host our Twisted Turnouts, in association with 'Flaming Hungry' - home of the tasty burger! With their help we're firmly on target for the money we need for
The Happening this year.

Sunday Twisted Turnouts
The schedule for the next few Sunday custom
meets is below so you can plan ahead...
17th June (Bike Wash Service)
15th July (Autojumble)
19th August